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Gwydir Children’s Mobile Services provides a Preschool service
each week of the NSW School Terms.
All venues have the start time of
9:00am and finish at 3:00pm.

Monday:               Bellata Tennis Club, Gurley St, Bellata.

Monday:                Gravesend Public School, Gwydir St, Gravesend.

Tuesday:              Garah Community Hall, Midkin St, Garah.

Tuesday:               Tulloona Public School, Limebon Rd, Tulloona.

Wednesday:         Boomi Community Hall, Bishop St, Boomi.

Wednesday:         Pallamallawa Preschool, Generoi St, Pallamallawa

Thursday:             Croppa Creek Public School, Ashley Cres, Croppa Creek.

Thursday:             Mallawa Public School, Rowena Rd, Mallawa or

.                                Bullarah Public School, Gwydir Highway, Bullarah

Please note that on Thursday we moved between the two venues of Mallawa and Bullarah.
If you are unsure, please contact us to confirm which one we will be at.