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Our Staff

Wendy Baldwin is our teaching Director.
Renae Cronin is our other fantastic Teacher.
Both Wendy and Renae are available to all parents at all venues should you  need to discuss any concerns or issues regarding your child’s education.

Each venue has different staffing combinations.  We have a small team of staff which helps ensure continuity at each venue.  Staff changes made only when necessary.  This allows staff to develop relationships with your children which decreases anxiety for both child and parent.
Wendy Baldwin teaches at Gravesend, Tulloona, Boomi, Mallawa and Bullarah.
Renae Cronin teaches at Bellata, Garah, Pallamallawa and Croppa Creek.
Our teachers are accompanied by a team of two to four experienced educators depending on the venue.  Our fantastic educators include;    Jo Doran, Sharon Brazel, Ann-Maree Faint, Kerry Munn, Heather Langfield, Sophie Moloney, Kath Wibley, Gabrielle Tapscott and Bronwyn Sim
Anna Limberg from AML Books does our accounts and Bronwyn Sim does administration one day a week.