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Our Philosophy

Our children are very important to us.

As individuals they are unique human beings that deserve safety, love and the opportunity to become the best that they can be. As a group our children are the future of our local, national and international community. As a society we need them to grow into individuals with a sense of worth, of fairness and of right and wrong.

The families accessing the Gwydir Mobile Children’s Service value quality early childhood education. The parents accessing the Gwydir Mobile Children’s Service desire their children to develop social, academic and physical skills that will enable them to progress to formal education as confident, capable, fair and enthusiastic students .To this end we commit ourselves to ongoing and continuous improvement.

It is acknowledged that each child is a unique individual with potential.

It is also acknowledged that each child comes from a family with unique perspectives and needs. The families accessing the Gwydir Mobile Children’s Service have a role to play in the management of the service. Their ideas, beliefs and knowledge are welcome and necessary at every level of management.

We believe that it takes a community to raise a child. We believe that there needs to be a partnership between parents, educational and health groups , government and members of the community to ensure appropriate services for all children regardless of race, gender, socio economic factors or ability.

The Gwydir Mobile Children’s Service will try to provide children in our care with wings to reach their full potential. To do this we will teach our children to LIVE, LOVE, LEARN and LAUGH.

The children will learn to LIVE their life, accepting experiences of , joy, success, challenges and failure as part of the rich tapestry of life. We believe that, with support our children are competent and capable of facing and learning from, whatever comes their way .We will teach our children resilience , to bounce back from disappointment, to solve problems and to act for the group as well as themselves.

The children will learn to LOVE through a program that teaches cooperation, negotiation and problem solving.

The children will explore others in their life within an antibias framework.

By supporting parents through difficult times, those parents will be able to have a positive loving relationship with their children.

The children will learn that they are on Gamilroi land and therefore need to acknowledge and respect the traditional owners, past , present and future of this land.

The children and their parents will have an opportunity to make friends and build a community.

The children will LEARN to learn by being encouraged to inquire, hypothesise and dream. Attempts at learning will be considered as important as the results.

The best way to learn is through play so our curriculum will be a play based curriculum.

The children will learn to LAUGH by being exposed to humorous materials, adults and peers. Laughter is a health giving, friendship making and sanity preserving life long habit. Laughter is also one of the most powerful weapons we have in times of fear, doubt , grief and hostility. By teaching children to laugh we are setting them up for life.

Our Underlying Beliefs

  1. We believe that all children deserve a quality education including a quality early childhood education.
  2. We believe all parents want their children to be safe, happy and challenged.
  3. We believe all parents are or have the potential to be competent and capable
  4. We believe all parents have something to contribute and should be encouraged to do so.
  5. We believe that all parents have good and bad times. This makes them human. In bad times they have a right to ask for and receive help and support from their community. In good times they have an opportunity and experiences to help and support others.
  6. We believe our communities will only survive if we work together.
  7. We believe education is a key to our children’s future.
  8. We believe that we are capable, competent and able to meet the challenges that present themselves.
  9. We believe agriculture has a future
  10. We believe rural Australia has a future.