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Immunisation Schedules

An up to date Immunisation Schedule  is mandatory when enrolled at any Early Childhood Service.  If you have a child approaching 4 years of age, they will be due for further immunisations. Press here to view a compete NSW Immunisation Schedule You can check your or your child’s immunisation history statement (if your child is […]

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Transition to School Information

Parents and carers are encouraged to discuss with either Wendy or Renae any concerns they may have regarding their child starting school. Parents with children graduating from Preschool can find helpful information and links to ensure a smooth transition on the following website. http://www.raisingchildren.net.au/preschoolers/play-learning/preschool/starting-preschool or the NSW Department of Education website https://education.nsw.gov.au/early-childhood-education/information-for-parents-and-carers/transition-to-school    

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Your Childs Health

If your child has had their third birthday and has not yet turned five, you may wish to arrange for them to have a Healthy Kids Check provided by your local GP or practice nurse. A Healthy Kids Check is available to all children at or around the time of their 4 year old immunisation […]

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Parenting Support

http://www.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au Early Childhood Australia (ECA) has been a voice for young children since 1938. They are the peak early childhood advocacy organisation, acting in the interests of young children, their families and those in the early childhood field. ECA advocates to ensure quality, social justice and equity in all issues relating to the education and care […]

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